We are proud to have our Federal Firearms License (or FFL)

We Buy guns, we Sell guns, we Trade guns, and we Pawn guns!

We can order new stock, but trust us, the most interesting deals are on our used inventory that continues to change daily. Find a deal online? Transfer it in!

How do I sell a gun? That's easy, bring your unloaded firearm to our business with your ID and we will give you top dollar for it. It's that stupid-simple.

How do I buy a gun? Also easy, still need your ID, you will fill out a Federal 4473 form (which we provide to you) and pick out the firearm you want. As long as you pass the background check and are approved then you can buy it. The whole process takes less than 30 minutes under normal circumstances.

How do I Pawn a gun? It's sort of a mix between selling us your gun and you buying it back. The only thing is, it's still your property fully insured under our care. You will still need your ID and the firearm(s) you wish to get a loan on. We fill out a pawn form and take possession of the gun(s) and you get the cash. Any time after that you can come back to pick it up. Remember you will need to fill out a Federal 4473 form and we will submit a background check.

How do I have a gun transferred? Find a deal on a gun online and choose us as your preferred FFL Dealer! Come in with your ID, fill out a Federal 4473 form, we submit the background check and collect a $20 flat fee from you. That's it!

If you wish to know more then please stop by or contact us!